Paula Scher on Painting With Words

Paula Scher, designed by Natalie Crum at

Paula Scher, dubbed the “goddess of graphic design,” talks semiotics in a new Netflix original series, Abstract: The Art of Design. Scher defines typography as “painting with words” and weighs in on the power and process of technical communication through linguistic and non-linguistic ‘signs’ (e.g. words, sounds, images, and objects). Hankering for more Paula Scher? Then, navigate over to Netflix to watch this musing documentary exhibiting exquisite design set to foot-tapping-good music with humorous, thought-inspiring commentary from the goddess herself.

There’s an emotional aspect to it,” she says,design needs to take human behavior into account.” Paula Scher: Graphic Design, Netflix

Paula Scher, courtesy of


Chalkley, T., Brown, A., Cinque, T., Warren, B., Hobbs, M., & Finn, M. (2012). Communication, new media, and everyday life. South Melbourne: Oxford.


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