Health Insurance Marketplace: Creating an account online

You have probably heard talk of the Health Insurance Marketplace, a component of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that debuted online in October 2013 designed to control the ever-growing cost of U.S. health insurance policies and improve access to healthcare.

(To understand how the ACA and Marketplace work in theory, please watch this very entertaining and informative YouToons video.)

Since the Marketplace opened, more than 13 million Americans have gained health care coverage. However, millions are still uninsured. If you are currently uninsured and interested in browsing the Marketplace for health insurance, take a moment to watch the video below. This screencast, intended for first-time non-business registrants, demonstrates how to create a account online in order to begin the health insurance application process.

Recommended media:  Next step — Marketplace Application Walkthrough, CMS/Health and Human Services


Kaiser Family Foundation. (2016). Key facts about the uninsured population. Retrieved from


2 thoughts on “Health Insurance Marketplace: Creating an account online

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