Purpose: A panorama of new media

What is the purpose of the Au Courant Communications blog?

Newmediafolio.WordPress.com, as the URL suggests, is my new media portfolio. Included are projects from course New Media for Technical Communication. This ever-growing portfolio will include relevant essays on the topic of new media as well as an illustrated procedure and screencast.

Projects, herein, are excogitative applications of three subtopics:


  • New Media and Society
  • New Media Content and Culture
  • Using New Media for Communication and Control

Why is focus given to new media?

As a Public Health worker, I have used new media to assemble, enhance, and disseminate brochures, fliers, YouTube public service announcements, PowerPoint presentations, and all sorts of health education materials. New media, in Public Health, is essential for data collection, manipulation, and analysis. Moreover, it helps professionals to quickly package and deliver important health information to large populations in effort to control disease and reduce injury.

Ask yourself:

  • how did you first hear about a recent infectious disease outbreak (e.g. Zika, Ebola, seasonal flu, etc.)
  • how did you hear about a recent product recall (e.g. a toy, car part, food product, etc.)
  • have you received Amber Alerts to your mobile phone
  • how are you made aware of new traffic laws

These are all matters of public health and safety aided by the use of new media and, in large part, my reason for studying technical communications. If you have questions about new media in public health, please leave them below or contact me. ∎∎∎



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2 thoughts on “Purpose: A panorama of new media

  1. Hi there! I really like your site and blog, both the overall layout and what you’ve been discussing, especially in terms of how new media aids you as a public health worker, so I have decided to do a review for your blog. Excited to see what you’ll be posting next. -EM


  2. Hey there! First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your website and blog; both seem like they have been put together with much thought, consideration and your own unique flair. Your about page draws us in from the get-go and enlightens us as to what the name of your website means, which nicely fits the theme of new media. Your tagline also fits well, as it puts forth that you are giving us an unfiltered and even picturesque view of new media.

    The homepage of your site not only drew me in but also kept me coming back time and time again to see what new little additions you would make. You truly have a flair for layout and nowhere does it show better than on your homepage. Not only do you embrace new media with your inclusion of text, video and images, but your homepage’s well-thought out organization allows for a near perfect flow as one reads and immerses themselves in your own unique perspective on new media. You make clear from the get-go what new media is and what it isn’t, emphasizing traditional media as the long-drawn out process of editing and subsequent production, and also provide examples that make us hungry for more. Your word choice also leaves little to be desired, managing to intrigue without alienating, a feat in itself. Overall, your homepage has the look and feel of a portfolio, and is charming, engaging and informative, the latter in a fun and absolutely not dry sense.

    On to your blog! Your purpose post divides the purpose of your site into three helpful subcategories that give us an excellent feel as to what you will be discussing, showing us you have honed your focus. What I love so much about this post is the brief discussion of your experiences as a public health worker, effortlessly tying new media into your work. This is perhaps the second hook, after your homepage, that draws us in, as we instantly wish to learn more about the public health field and how it can benefit from new media. Your posts on the HITECH Act and cyber society, romance in particular and perfect for Valentine’s Day, are also excellently written and organized posts that well-round out your blog, both pertaining to new media and keeping your blog fresh with current issues. What I like most about your blog is your language, or word-choice and relation of information, as well as your layout. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what I hope to see from your blog, as its little touches and varied and interesting articles always surprise and excite me, so I suppose I would hope for more of these things, as well as occasionally delving more into the public health field. Thank you for sharing your blog with me!


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